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The Importance Of Mental Health Awareness



The Importance Of Mental Health Awareness

The physical health of an individual is a highly significant concern in the day to day life of the modern individual. Proper diet and exercise regimes are strictly followed, and many now opt out of fast food and choose instead to lead healthier lifestyles surrounding organic food and regulated calorie intake.

Although much attention is paid nowadays to the importance of maintain a healthy body, far less attention is paid to the significance of maintaining a healthy mind. Mental health awareness, although gaining better footing now that it did before, is yet to come very far in being an accepted norm and topic of discussion in modern society.

Taboo surrounding mental health

Mental health is often viewed as a taboo subject to discuss, and its actual existence is also sometimes denied. Mental health and instability issues is usually brushed off as insignificant, and if worsened, those with such issues are stigmatized and casted out of society. More often than not, the necessary treatment and care is not received by these individuals. Society is yet to comprehend that mental diseases are just as much disease as their physical counterparts, and that most mental illnesses are based on physical anomalies of the body that go on to affect mental health.

School curriculum

One way in which to make mental health awareness an acceptable topic to discuss is to introduce it as a part of health education in schools. While physical education is readily available in almost any school, mental health education is virtually non-existent. In order to ensure the progress of the understanding of mental health concerns, awareness is key, and teaching children from a young age that mental health is as significant as physical health will provide the Launchpad with which to continue such progress.

Removing the stigma

Due to social misunderstanding of mental health, many of those who suffer from mental health concerns do not seek adequate help for fear of being stigmatized and made an outcast. Serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and dissociative personality disorder are issues that a clinical psychologist in Gold Coast must be consulted for. Instead, many choose to take their loved ones or children to the care of pastors and priests in the hopes of cures through exorcisms and other archaic practices. Mental health issues are thereby not considered to actually exist, in some societies.

Seeking help

Encouraging discussion about mental health and creating awareness from the grassroots level through school education will assist those suffering from debilitating mental illnesses to come forward to seek treatment so that they too can have a chance at living a normal and healthy life.