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Bringing The Spark Back Into Your Marriage



Bringing The Spark Back Into Your Marriage

Marriage is one of the most complicated relationships where along with the husband and wife, a gamut of emotions too stay together like love, happiness, romance, compatibility, excitement, tenderness, warmth, understanding, irritability, anger, responsibility, adjustments, ego, and a lot more. Marriage is basically a ride with ups and downs. Everyone enters into a marriage with the intention of making it work and nobody looks forward to divorce while getting married. However, sometimes problems or situations arise in a marriage where there are no longer butterflies in the stomach or the fizz is gone and the couple agrees to disagree. At such times one should not resort to divorce as the end all solution.

If things have escalated beyond simple remedies, it is advisable to see a wellness coach in Sydney who will help the couple see and realise the problem which they might not be able to see objectively and help mend the differences which the couple could not resolve on their own. A coach differs from a counsellor in the sense that he or she does not prescribe or dictate how to work things out. It does not seem like a serious condition that requires a treatment.

A coach works with the couple and thus gives them the sense of ease to open up easily and work towards a solution. A plan of action can be chalked out by the wellness coach in consultation with the couple such that the plan is open to changes, adjustments and a continuous follow up can be carried out by the coach to ensure the couple is making a conscious effort. One of the benefits of seeking the help and advice of such a coach is that they are not driving towards a solution or pressurising the couple to work things out. But they make them see things in a light they previously were not willing to and erase out the differences amicably.

If there was love before and now it seems like the spark has gone in a marriage, a conscious effort needs to be made to make things work. Sometimes all that is needed is a romantic gateaway or even a date. Rekindling the flame with a favourite movie, or a common song, or reading the vows or going through old photographs and steaming things up between the sheets also affect positively. Making a few personal changes or just giving each other time and a patient hearing is useful as well.

When a marriage has started out with love and understanding and the course of time has taken a toll on the marriage, efforts need to be made to put the spark back into it. And if a little help from outside can make a sea of change, then why not go for it!